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Be Careful When You Say ‘Over My Dead Body’: Comment Of The Day

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Automakers have been causing enthusiasts to get confused, disappointed, and perhaps a little angry with how they’ve been using their famed nameplates. Ford slapped the Mustang name on an electric crossover, the Chevrolet Blazer is now a crossover, and even the Mitsubishi Eclipse has become a crossover. Toyota brought the Crown back to America, but now as a crossover.

Today, Matt Hardigree wrote about the Ford Mustang Mach-E “Etive” hearse that has seemingly divided our office. Resident car designer goth Adrian Clarke thinks it looks all wrong, but it appears that my colleagues disagree. I was looking around at RVs, so I wasn’t here for that discussion. But I’m seeing it now and I have to agree with Adrian. It doesn’t look right to my eyes. With that said, I’d still take it over a standard Mach-E. I mean, I’m pretty sure I could fit a motorcycle back there!

Reader v10omous came in with this one-liner comment that made the whole office laugh:

All you people who said Ford would make an electric crossover Mustang “over your dead body”, your ride has arrived.

That’s right, be careful when you say “over my dead body.” You never know when a company will follow through and another company will then make a hearse just for you.

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10 Responses

  1. In France the herse is usually a van, with big windows and a table in the coffin. They make great conversion bases, as long as you check out the motor, driving along at 10 kph in front of a funeral procession is not exactly what the motors were designed for.

  2. I’m sure you can probably make a van/small RV out of it.
    After all if there’s room for a dead human in a coffin, there’s room for a bed and a sleeping human ( and since you generally don’t sleep in a coffin, there’s room to put anemities. )

  3. My buddy’s Mach-e has a button in the hatch that has a picture of a person springing out of the back. I wonder if they kept that feature on this hearse.

    1. During some birthday party for a classmate in grade school, their parents put on a movie where a hearse’s hatch pops open and the deceased is ejected violently into the air and flies straight down a manhole. I’m picturing the button doing that.

      I want to say the same general scenario was also a gag in some Mack Sennett-era slapstick comedy, although it may have involved an ambulance and not a hearse.

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