You’re All Invited To Eat A Literal Wheelbarrow Full Of Shrimp At The Autopian’s LA Auto Show Party Next Week

Laas Invite Makler Shrimp

The Los Angeles Auto Show returns to LA next week and we’re going to celebrate with a wild, time-shifting, earth-shattering party in our very own Autopian display in the Galpin Hall of Customs on Thursday, November 17th at 6:00 PM. This party is going to have everything: a live podcast taping with superfriend Zack Klapman, microcars, food, drinks, regular-sized cars, and a wheelbarrow full of shrimp (the official food of car journalists). RSVP here while you still can.

The LA Auto Show doesn’t officially open up to the public until November 18th, but we’re going to let you in early. Why? For what reason do you get this amazingness bestowed on you? Because we’re awesome and because you’re awesome and because you deserve it. Why should schluby auto journalists get to have all the fun?

A bunch of you showed up for the big party we had with staff in August and it was incredible and we need to see you again. We’re still finalizing the details, but the most important thing you need to know is we’ll have Beau, Jason, and David as well as writer/host/car expert/cool person Zack Klapman doing a podcast. We’ll also have an amazing selection of cars that you normally don’t get to see and enough food/drink to keep your mouths full when you aren’t otherwise sharing stories with the best people you’ve ever met.

Again, RSVP here to experience an event I think it’s fair to say will be the single greatest moment you’ve ever had and a highlight of your life you will recall to your grandchildren when all other memories have faded from your aging mind (I haven’t checked with legal on this but I’m sure they’d agree).


WHAT: A bigass party at the LA Auto Show with a podcast taping, tons of food, incredible cars, cool-as-hell people.

WHERE: The Autopian display in the Galpin Hall of Customs at the LA Auto Show

WHEN: Thursday, November 17th at 6:00 PM

WHY: Because you’ll hate yourself if you don’t go

HOW: RSVP here  and we’ll send you the relevant details. You can also film out the form below:

UPDATE: Spike, unfortunately, is sick. The good news is that Zack Klapman is going to join us instead. Get well soon, Spike!

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40 Responses

  1. I seem to recall someone promising us shrimp out of the frunk of an F-150 Lightning. After being teased with that kind of luxury a wheelbarrow simply will not do. Just rent an old Tesla on Turo and tell them it smelled like that when you picked it up. And the shells were already in there too.

    1. Dad went to FSU for college. Had a 914-6. Said when the Sebring race happened he’d line the frunk and fill it with beer, then toss some pre-cooked brats in the back truck next to the engine and drive down. By the time he got there the engine would have rewarmed the brats all the way through and he could eat.

  2. Let’s see here: assuming that nice big shrimp cost about a buck apiece, and I get one of those cheap flights from here to LA for $69… and I sleep on the floor in the back seat of one of the show cars….

    How close can I get to breaking even on this invitation? I mean there was a time when I could eat $70 shrimp, but sigh, as we get older?


  3. I was thinking of the whole Autopian crew there, and, apropos of nothing, pictured them all as characters from MST3000. David as Tom Servo, Jason as Crow T Robot, Mercedes as Gypsy, Beau as Joel, etc.
    I’d love to see them mocked up with photoshop…

  4. Hey Matt, as a born and bred Angeleno, I’m tempted to make my way back to LA LA land for this event, partly to reminisce upon my first auto show in 1967 at the long-gone art deco Pan Pacific Auditorium. My twelve-year-old self had so many dreams of what I might be driving at the crack of sixteen. Each wheel I sat behind was another dream to unfold. As my bag weighed down with a myriad of brochures I came across the cute little 2-seat Fiat 850 convertible. I could picture myself with a girlfriend on a beach road with a picnic. By the time I was sixteen, that dream had passed. But at the same show, my mom was seriously looking at the loaded Olds Delta 88 in this gawdawful tan/yellow color called “bamboo.” With matching full vinyl roof and matching brocade cloth seats. It also had fender skirts. I put the hard press on her after the show to get it to no avail. So, yeah, an L.A. car show could be sweet, indeed. I’ll venture to say even better than the high school reunion I just flew back there for.

  5. Honestly, even though I would really like to see you guys do a traveling roadshow here around the DC area, with the Washington auto show, that “show” is the WORST ever. It’s a few local dealers and that’s about it. Worthless. You guys being here could only elevate it.
    Oh, and I have the solution to DT’s vehicle dilemma. Hold a raffle for each of the vehicles. You get money, and the vehicles get a good home.

  6. “Because you’ll hate yourself if you don’t go”

    I would love to go… but flying to LA is not in the budget. And too much shrimp would be bad for my cholesterol.

    So I’ll have to settle for hating myself.


  7. One of the finest half hours of television revolved around a wheelbarrow of shrimp. The sitcom was called GET A LIFE. It starred one of the most underrated comedians in history, Chris Eliot. Chris brings home a wheel barrow of shrimp he received for free at a gas station. When his roommate asks him why he’s turning green and belching a lot, Chris says he’s not feeling very good… The roommate then inquires why he’s continuing to eat the free shrimp out of the wheelbarrow. Chris Eliot says the obvious… “Because they’re free.” See you in the Galpin Hall.

      1. I bet that J-10 is gonna keep its MI plates as long as it can, then switch to Vermont, then run on a series of trip permits until it moves to southern Washington or something.
        Unless he can cut a deal for a set of dealer plates, that is.

    1. Uh, not to be pedantic, but filling the front cargo area of that Ford with shrimp means it can no longer be called a “Frunk”…. It automatically becomes a “Funk” after that…and stays that way.

      Just sayin’

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