Cold Start: GMC Means ‘Gazes Match Seldom’

Cs Gazes

This 1975 GMC pickup brochure is full of gloriously color-saturated photos of people and pickup trucks existing in vivid monochrome voids, which may explain why the people don’t seem to be looking at the same thing. The original image lacks the big gaze-arrows, of course, but I thought we deserved to try and see just where the hell these people are looking.

The dude seems to have noticed something far on the horizon – if there is, in fact, a horizon out there in the scarlet wastes, while the nice lady is perhaps tracking some sort of ground-hugging mammal running around out there. It’s hard to tell.

One thing I can tell from this brochure is that GMC was as proud of their truck taillights as I feel they should be, since I wrote about them a couple weeks ago. Here, look, they devote a whole picture and blurb to them:

Cs Gmctrucktail

Lexan® lenses! Wooo-hoo-hoo, who were buying these trucks, kings?


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30 Responses

  1. Note that she is in a weird twisted leaning position. Otherwise she would be taller than him.
    I was a commercial photographer in the 70s and I can only imagine what transpired when the models showed up that morning.

  2. The brochure describes the taillights as “handsome.”
    I’m confused. What qualities make a taillight “handsome?”
    Is it the wrap-aroundedness? The Lexan ™? The multi-functionality?
    Are other taillights frustrated that the girls only notice the handsome ones?

  3. I can tell you exactly what that nice couple are looking at across the show room:

    Husband: “Would you get a load of that sales guys bouffant hair?”
    Wife: “Yeah and how about that stupid Chevy bow-tie belt buckle on his patent white leather belt?”

    Husband: “Uh yeah but that would be so far-out if I had it with my patent white leather shoes though.”

  4. It was the Seventies! Monochrome Voids weren’t cheap! They were sharing the set and lighting with another production, he was trying to catch the eye and maybe get a validating head nod from the STAR she was checking the more famous aspect of. (Pro hint, his middle name was Leslie)

  5. That ad reminds me of the old cigarette ads that used to appear in magazines well into the 1980’s. People who look like they’re really enjoying themselves, but at the same time appear absolutely clueless.

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