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The Fast X Trailer Makes Dom And The Gang Look As Wild As Ever

Fast X Topshot

Imagine walking out of the cinema in 2001 after watching a street racing movie and being told than in 20 years, this same franchise will go to space. You probably wouldn’t believe it, yet that’s exactly what happened with the Fast and Furious series. After 2021’s outlandishly entertaining F9, where do you go? Well, the trailer for Fast X is here, and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

Right off the bat, the cast feels like a fever dream. What’s Rita Moreno doing here? Why is Jason Momoa cosplaying as Scott Stapp while absolutely fucking shit up? Is that his asscrack? What role does Brie Larson play? More importantly, is that a giant ball? Yes, yes, it is, and it cuts a bus clean in half. Between that and an insane helicopter crash caused by Domenic Toretto, I’m glad the laws of physics still don’t mean a thing in the Fast universe.

Giant Ball

As for what the film’s about, it seems like Jason Momoa’s character Dante was the son of the baddie killed in the Fast Five heist and is looking to exact revenge by taking out the crew, but there’s also a race for survival in addition to gratuitous violence? Look, I’m sure people worked really hard on the plot of Fast X, but I’m fairly sure none of us are here for the plot. We’re here for stuff like Dom talking about family and Han, objectively the coolest character in the franchise, doing an absolutely filthy drift in a vintage Alfa Romeo GTV.

Han Gtv

Taking it slowly through the Fast X trailer, there are some sweet cars here. E34 BMWs, Alfa 159s, a widebody S30 Z, a mean old Impala, a 997 GT3, Dom’s invincible Charger, and a gold-wrapped Gallardo all make an appearance. Admittedly, some of these cars get absolutely totaled, but that’s the way the Fast franchise goes.

Fast X Cars

There’s still a lot of moaning about how Fast movies aren’t about street racing anymore, but the original wasn’t the greatest street racing movie and the formula of Avengers With Cars actually rules. Sure, Tokyo Drift is awesome for car nuts, but 2 Fast 2 Furious and everything after Tokyo Drift is generally goofy fun everyone can enjoy.

Jason Momoa Fast X

Take it from someone who’s seen Tommy Wiseau’s The Room more than a dozen times: Just because something isn’t massively clever cinema doesn’t mean it’s not an entertaining film. Plus, any franchise that’s run for ten movies deserves some respect. Expect Fast X to drop on May 19, with the final movie in the main series coming at a later date.

(Photo credits: Universal Studios)

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26 Responses

  1. As mindless fun, drive fast, do things a car cannot, and movie stars want a piece of the pie, I am all for this.

    You want a deep plot that will make you think about your place in the world, move along.

  2. I want part 2 to end with Dom waking up from a coma after getting hit by a train while driving his father’s Charger in a street race against an orange Supra.

    1. Hey, interesting find! The article also explains that Roger Corman has the rights for sequential titles (“Fast and the Furious 2” and so on), which explains the silliness of the titles.
      Well, the silliness of the titles suits the silliness of the plots rather well, so…

  3. At about 2:24, I briefly thought “Hell yeah! We’re Finally going to get to see a Chevy Impala with a JATO unit attached to it smash into the side of a mountain!” If only the next shot was the Arizona highway patrol digging through some wreckage in a puzzled manner.

    Oh well, I expect the popcorn to be salty and taste great none-the-less.

  4. Any franchise that lasts 10 movies deserves respect?
    I am looking at you Halloween. Going from an innocent comely Jamie Lee Curtis to a grandma Jamie Lee Curtis. (Who is still friggin hot.)
    Or go to nuclear Freddie vs Jason in outer space.
    Still i would rather watch both in a double feature than any fast and furious dreck.

  5. Anyone else notice the very first car to appear in the trailer is the “eMuscle” Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept? Parked on the left in front of the Toretto house.

    The two SUVs blown up at ~2:25 are Mini Countrymans, and the idea of the (presumed) baddies using Minis as part of their intimidating matte black fleet is oddly hilarious to me. (Call back to the fourth movie when Brian scoffed when a Mini was mentioned?)

  6. I wish I had the genetic mutation that allows people to enjoy “so bad it is good” movies like these. Honest entertainment, with new releases guaranteed until the heat death of the Universe.

    1. I suggest watching Roger Corman’s “Death Race 2000” enough times that you start smiling at Stallone firing a tommy gun into the crowd. Much like Budweiser, it’s an acquired taste.

      1. I’ve found that the passage of time helps. First viewed DR2000 around ‘77, and was irritatingly distracted by the obvious VW underpinnings of many of the cars. 20 years later I just enjoyed the unrepentant tackiness & schlock. Same thing with Corman’s other work: I couldn’t stand it in my teens, but was able to enjoy it by my late 30s.

        Not sure if this is personal growth or that weed is much stronger in this century

        1. The weed is much stronger, but I get it.
          When I watch Total Recall, I can’t help but giggle at a little-person hooker standing on a bar with a SAW, mowing down the baddies. IIRC, she had three mammaries….
          Horrible, yes, but it stands the test of time.

      1. That is actually the source of my backpacking nickname “Fast and Furious” – first for the obvious reverse nickname like Tiny for a giant as I am a slowish hiker, and because I’m “living my life a quarter mile at a time.”

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