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Ford Ups The Retro With New Bronco Heritage Models

Bronco Heritage Edition Topshot

The Ford Bronco’s old-school design has been a smash hit and now Ford is going all-in on retro appeal. New Heritage Edition models add ‘60s-inspired colors, a splash of white accents, some old-school wheels, and some special upholstery choices. Let’s start by taking a look at what this treatment gets you on the full-size Bronco.

2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Race Red 02

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

The Bronco Heritage Edition starts with the Big Bend trim and Sasquatch package and adds a bunch of ‘60s-inspired goodies. Specifically, flat fenders, white four-slot wheels, a white grille, white stripes, a white hardtop, white dashboard trim, and a blue plaid interior. Can you really put any more white accents on a Bronco? Sure, there’s a little bit of red accenting going around the grille badge and through the interior stitching, but the Heritage Edition generally keeps to its ethos pretty well. Not bad for $44,950 including a $1,595 freight charge.

2023 Bronco Heritage Limited Edition Yellowstone Metallic 03

If you want more toys, the Bronco Heritage Limited Edition starts with the V6-powered Badlands model, throws on most of the aforementioned Heritage Edition bits, then adds dog dish hubcaps, old-school emblems, saddle brown leather and vinyl upholstery, and a special console badge. Interestingly enough, the wheels on the Bronco Heritage Limited Edition is shown to have two-tone black and white wheels that really emulate old-school trim rings. This decked-out model is not cheap at $68,490, but it’s definitely an option for people who want a very well-equipped Bronco with a more ‘60s look.


Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

However, the retro appearance treatment isn’t just consigned to the full-size Bronco. Shoppers will be able to pick up a ‘60s-look Bronco Sport as well. The Bronco Sport Heritage Edition distinguishes itself with white paint on the grille, roof, and wheels. Red grille emblem outlines and white stripes also make an appearance here, although the wheel design appears to be plucked from the Badlands trim’s options list. On the inside, white trim accents, red stitching, and plaid cloth add a bit of fun, plus navy blue accents help break up the black plastic on the dashboard and doors. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure if the white grille works on the Bronco Sport, but everything else hits the spot for me.

Interestingly enough, the Bronco Sport Heritage Edition is purported to get some suspension upgrades over the standard model. The larger rear dampers and hydraulic rebound stops normally found on the Badlands model filter down to the Heritage Edition, useful upgrades for anyone looking to get off the beaten path.

2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition Yellowstone Metallic 01

In contrast to the full-size Bronco, the more expensive Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition (say that five times fast) is the preferred pick for keen off-road buyers due to its limited-slip rear differential and 29-inch tires, not to mention the rather torquey two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, it is a bit pricey. $46,250 is a lot of money no matter how you slice it, and I’m not sure if I’d spend it on a compact crossover. The lower-trim Bronco Sport Heritage Edition is priced at $35,840 which is still quite a good chunk of change.


2023 Bronco Heritage Limited Edition Yellowstone Metallic 05


Here’s where things get screwy – color choices go down the further up the range you go. While the Bronco Heritage Edition can be ordered in a range of five colors, the Bronco Heritage Limited Edition will only be available in one color at first. Robin’s Egg Blue will be the only choice until late in the 2023 model year, when Yellowstone Metallic joins the party. Ford expects to add a color called Peak Blue in 2024, which might be the first 2024 Bronco tidbit that’s gone public. The Bronco Sport Heritage Edition can be had in seven colors including Robin’s Egg Blue, while the Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition will be available in Robin’s Egg Blue, Yellowstone Metallic, and Peak Blue. While this might sound strange, each Heritage Limited Edition model is genuinely limited to 1,966 units to commemorate the debut of the original Bronco. Presumably, striking “Limited” from the model name opens up vehicle supply to as many as customers order.

2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Race Red 07
Photo credit: Ford

In the midst of all this ‘60s-look hullabaloo, Ford dropped a tidbit of information on what things will look like when order books for the full-size Bronco reopen.

Bronco two- and four-door models will go on sale later this year, with initial orders prioritized for current Bronco order holders awaiting their vehicle. Orders will open to all customers next year, regardless of current reservation status.

I’m glad current order holders are prioritized, because the wait for a new vehicle these days can be truly dreadful. It’s bad enough to be pushed to the next model year, but watching fresh orders come in while you’re still waiting for you new ride sounds absolutely agonizing.


2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Race Red 06

While another Bronco variant may seem a bit predictable, Ford’s done a good job here. If you’re going to create yet another way of vacuuming money from customers’ wallets, make it fun. In a world full of nondescript grayscale vehicles, a pop of pastel is much appreciated. Shoutout to the bold souls who’ll order the Heritage Edition and Heritage Limited Edition Broncos, you’ll hopefully make our roads just a touch happier.

All photos courtesy of Ford

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1 year ago

That “Blue plaid” interior is disappointing. It looks awful.

Jay-Michael Sutton
Jay-Michael Sutton
1 year ago

This confirms that the two-door hardtop is best looking new Bronco.

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