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Lucid Designer Derek Jenkins And Alanis King Talk To Us About ‘Frunking’ – The Autopian Podcast


We’re continuing our series of podcasts we shot with designers and product experts at the LA Auto Show with Derek Jenkins, the designer who led the team behind the attractive new Lucid Gravity SUV. Also, this guy was involved in the creation of a bunch of our favorite cars and concept cars over the last few years. Just a staggering list of bangers.

This podcast, presented by our friends at Marble, was shot a few weeks ago and features our own Beau Boeckmann and Jason Torchinsky before his heart went full Takata airbag. There are also two special guests: Me, briefly, because Beau was coming from a meeting, and our good friend Alanis King of Cars & Bids fame.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

There were many topics discussed, starting with the absolutely insane list of cars that Jenkins was involved in.

First up, the original 2001 VW Microbus Concept that VW should have built:


Vw Microbus Concept

The Audi A2

2004 Audi A2

And the latest Miata:

2023 Mx 5 Miata


In addition to that, Alanis and Derek talk about the concept of “Frunking” or “Frunkin'” as detailed in this photo from Lucid:

005 Lm23 C Lucid Gravity Frunk Seat Beach Lifestyle 8r0a7342

That’s the idea of, like, hanging out in the frunk of a car.

“That’s called Frunking. Minus the “G” it’s Frunkin'” Jenkins explains, before half-joking: “Our market research says everything is looking for this.”


I honestly love this. It’s so smart.

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Andy the Swede
Andy the Swede
4 months ago

Matt, tell Jason and Beau they can thank me for the manual climate controls and the steering wheel 🙂

Doctor Nine
Doctor Nine
4 months ago

With a little creative engineering, the frunk hood could be configured to open into a nice shade/weather roof, and side beverage containers or coolers built into the compartment.

Are we seeing a new reason to bring back the drive-in theater? Maybe.

4 months ago

Everyone knows the party goes in the back, you are supposed to be conducting business on the front. BUSINESS I SAY!
Those frunkin’ slackers!

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