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The Autopian Staff Can’t Decide If The Dodge Avenger Is Bad Or Not: Tales From The Slack

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2 months ago

Even though i now daily drive a 2021 Prius Prime and, when boredom sets in, i take my almost 300k miles old (but still trusty) 2012 Civic Si for a spin, i’m a Chrysler guy at heart… but i refuse to see those Daimler/Cerberus derived
malaise era pt.2 econoboxes as a Chrysler product. My 1st gens Neons, that never were half as bad as people would tell me, would be embarrassed by them..

2 months ago

it was the size and price of a full size car but it had the enmities of an entry level compact car… you were better off buying a mitsubishi galant, or a hyundai in a vacuum it was not a BAD car but compared to just about anything else you could buy for the same money it was last place. what made it worse was that it had a 4 speed penalty box transmission for the more entry level models. so maybe you bought the avenger because the price was attractive well guess what you poor now you get the PENALTY version of the penalty car! Dodge should have put the good 6 speed transmission on every avenger.

Matthew Carhart
Matthew Carhart
2 months ago

The car is ….. fine. However, it is also the vehicular equivalent of the failed drug dealer or the traffic stop gone wrong. I’ve a seen a bunch of these clapped out and barely following the rules if the road. These are cheap transportation will a fuzzy thru line with charger in styling.

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