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This Absolutely Roached 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo Costs Damn Near What A New Supra Does

Basketcase Supra Topshot

Buying bad examples of good cars is entertaining, right? Sure, it costs wheelbarrows of money and hours of your life to set them right, but it makes for a good story. Well friends, sometimes the stories just aren’t worth the headaches along the way. Case in point: This might be the worst low-mileage Supra Turbo in America. It’s been repatriated from Nigeria and suffered massive amounts of neglect at some point in its 30-year life. It also just finished running on online auction platform Cars & Bids, and wow, it’s rougher than you’d ever imagine.

Supra Turbo Core Support

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Any missing body panel usually isn’t a good sign, especially when it’s low down on the car. Take the chin spoiler that’s absent on this Supra. Normally, when part of a car’s face is ripped off,  it’s a sure sign of hidden damage, and would you look at that? The core support looks like a Twizzler.

Supra Turbo Headlight

There’s more damage worth noting. The front bumper is cracked, spiderwebbed, and not from a U.S. car, the taillights appear to somehow be delaminating, the right headlight is messed up, there are scratches all over the car, and the seller notes rust on the roof, in the spare tire well, and under the car. Trying to find a single panel on this Supra without damage is a difficult task. Oh, and that’s before we get into the litany of issues the seller claims the car has.


Supra Turbo Tire

The rear tires predate Death Grips’ debut studio album and one of the left rear sidewalls looks like the surface of a dry lake bed, so it probably isn’t safe to drive on. The driver’s power seat backrest switch is reportedly missing, but that’s not as pressing as the illuminated check engine, traction control, and ‘!’ lights in the gauge cluster. The right headlight is reportedly inoperable, as is the air-con, as is the radio. Many of these issues wouldn’t be acceptable on a $1,500 Corolla, let alone Toyota’s flagship.

Supra Turbo Rear Floor

The price of this incredibly neglected Supra? More than $49,750, as the reserve on the auction wasn’t met. While this is a genuine turbo car with a purported 63,500 miles on the clock and a clean CarFax, sometimes a car is so bad that the price tag just isn’t worth it. You could buy a well-built GE-T car for this sort of money, or jump in an equally-speculative pool and get into the air-cooled Porsche market for around $50,000.

Supra Turbo Rear


There’s nothing wrong with having a Mk4 Toyota Supra as a dream car. After all, it’s an iconic grand tourer that’s still quick today. However, this particular Supra is probably one to pass on. The small fortune it would take to bring this thing back to a presentable condition could easily be spent on a better example, and while buying terrible cars makes for great content, it certainly isn’t recommended for the average person.

(Photo credits: Cars & Bids)

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Paint-Drinking Thundercock Harvey Park
Paint-Drinking Thundercock Harvey Park
9 months ago

How do you get rust in Nigeria though?

9 months ago

I’m impressed by how ratty the donut is. They wanted to make sure that every single part of this car is beat.

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