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Watch A Truck Slam Right Into A Window Just Inches Behind Some Podcasters, Because Why Not

Podcrash Top

You know what’s the best part about terrifying accidents where, miraculously, nobody gets hurt? I mean, besides the nobody is hurt part? It’s getting to watch the whole fiasco unfold, and just drink in all the chaos with a nice clear conscience. Boy, is this video a great opportunity for just that; you get to see a disaster unfold, get to see some wanton destruction, and, in this case, marvel at how calm at least one of the people who were very close to all the mess managed to remain. This all could have ended up so, so much worse. These guys must have depleted their entire luck tanks in moments right there. Unless they were unlucky to be there at all in the first place? If so, then does that mean, luckwise, they just broke even? I’m not sure.

Anyway, just watch:

Holy shit, right? The scene here is photography podcaster Nathan Reeves interviewing photographer Alexsey Reyes at a table in a coffee shop. A table in front of a window that faces the street, which proves to be significant here.

The crash is pretty hard to fathom initially; like, how could that black Chevy-badged GMT900 not slow down, or see that, you know, building? Well, it appears that the black Chevy was hit by a white Ford Explorer, as you can see here:

Podcrash Explorer

Though the Explorer hit the truck, the Chevy did appear to run the light, which is what set all of this in motion. It was also going at a really good clip, and seems to have barely slowed down before it was slowed all the way down by that building.

I’m still amazed it somehow went exactly between the two bollards in front of the window, objects whose lone job is to keep just this kind of thing from happening at all. Oh, and also that somehow the host said “it’s so quiet in here” before an SUV slammed into the window right behind him. That’s pretty amazing, too.

The podcast guest must have a really high tolerance for, well, everything, because he really barely seemed to notice the huge SUV smashing into the window just inches behind him. And you also have to admire the podcaster for taking advantage of the situation to get a little plug in there. You’d be crazy not to, right?



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22 Responses

  1. Dude on the left needs to learn to protect his own safety a bit more.

    SUV crashes into your building and you’re diddling with your phone while the offending vehicle is still in motion. I was screaming at the screen like I was watching a horror movie with the killer right behind the next victim.

  2. As a former (reformed?) Houstonian, everything about this story, from the red-light-running accident to the near disinterest in almost getting run over while inside a building, checks out. As a car enthusiast, the extremely vehicle-centric city should have been my Mecca, but then 99% of the populace are, at best, horrible drivers with little interest in the vehicle they are driving and even less interest in piloting said vehicle safely.

    1. So, a slightly more conservative version of northern Virginia? Good God, is the whole DC area the best argument I can think of for autonomous cars – if I could be sedated and sleeping in the back seat and wake up once the vehicle is safely outside that region, that would be great, what I don’t see happening on the Beltway or I-66 can’t shock and terrify me.

      1. “Oh man, the drivers in [CITY] have got to be the worst in the world! You know you’re driving through [CITY] when turn signals are seen as a sign of weakness, amirite?! Why, just yesterday, I was driving down I-[NUMBER]* and saw a distracted driver who was texting! And surface streets are no better. They don’t call rolling through a stop sign a [CITY]-Stop for nothing!”

        *If [CITY] is in Southern California, replace “I” with “The”.

        Everybody thinks their locality has some monopoly on bad driving, but really there are bad drivers everywhere. It pays to be on alert and to drive defensively no matter where you are.

        1. I get your point, but if you live in a destination city (like Orlando) then the unbelievable number of tourists who are lost/distracted/driving in the US for the fist time/etc. takes it all to another level.

          Yes, everyone thinks their local city is the worst and I have driven in many different metro areas across the US (including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC), but nothing compares to the crazy driving I have seen in FL.

  3. Really, those guys were as cool as liquid nitrogen when that thing hit the window. No shrieks, screams of terror or freaking the fuck out. That bit, damn! Calm under pressure? Yeah, those dudes have it.

    1. I don’t think they kept calm as much as they just froze from terror and confusion. They didn’t see it coming so there was no buildup for the survival instinct to kick in. The guest’s reaction is all shock and confusion.

      1. Yup, pure freeze mode there. That’s just how humans are built because we spent thousands of years as prey. Freezing is a deeply ingrained part of our survival instinct and is what most untrained people do in response to violence or surprise.

        I’ve always found it funny to watch the difference between animals when surprised.
        Humans freeze take in information then react (usually slowly).
        A cat will react (usually quickly) then take in information.
        It’s kind of sad to see the new knee jerk reaction to surprising events amongst one of the top animals on the food chain is to reach for your cell phone and make sure it’s ok.
        I wouldn’t want to go into battle with either of those guys.

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  5. He cleanly removed a bollard and the building stopped the SUV. That is why you ebbed bollards 36 inch or more into the ground. If installed properly that SUV would never have reached the building. Really simple. 6″ steel pipe in ground 36 inches with 12 inch of concrete around the pipe and fill the pipe. Easy LS removal tool.

    1. I had to go back and look but you’re right. That bollard looked like it was sunk in maybe 6 inches in the concrete. Maybe. Who’s responsible for correcting that I wonder? Sidewalk maintenance is usually on the property owner.

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