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What Makes The Porsche 356 The Perfect Automotive Canvas – The Autopian Podcast w/ Rod Emory

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The Porsche 356 is an iconically beautiful car and in this episode of The Autopian podcast, presented by our friends at Marble, Rod Emory explains how he built a career out of crafting Outlaw Porsches and why he loves the platform so much.

In case you’re not familiar, we mean these things:

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The Porsche 356 is a fascinating car, in so many ways. It may be the only really successful example of the transformation of a bare-bones economy car into a premium performance car in automotive history.


Early 356s are clearly derived from the Volkswagen Beetle, a car made to meet some very strict parameters of cost and just enough capability to be a useful family car. And then the one of the lead creators of that cheap family car wants to transform it into a sports car? It seems like madness.

Beetle 356

And yet it worked. Holy crap, did it work. Using a process known technically as “making everything just a bit better,” Porsche transformed the humble Beetle into something sleek and quick and very capable, a car that rewarded skillful drivers and was still practical and reliable enough to be daily driven.

The 356 set the template for the later 911, a car with decedents still being built today, still based on the general concept of the 356 from all those decades ago. It’s improbable and wonderful, and that’s why 356s attract such ardent believers. They’re wonderfully improbable, and improbably wonderful.

Here’s Part 1:


And here’s Part II

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What’s In The Podcast:

In this week’s podcast we’ve got:

  • How Rod got his start.
  • The history of Outlaw Porsches.
  • Racing is expensive!
  • The history/charm of the Porsche 356

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Myron Vernis
Myron Vernis
11 months ago

Rod’s family is automotive royalty and his craftsmanship is second to none. Absolutely loved this interview.

Col Lingus
Col Lingus
11 months ago

Although considered to be a dinosaur today, I still would rather own a 356 over the current 911. Especially one that was “updated” to drive and handle in a comparable way. These are my holy grail cars.
It’s good to remember where one came from. Especially these days.

Last edited 11 months ago by Col Lingus
A. Barth
A. Barth
11 months ago

Psst. Please fix the topshot – should be deux

Matt Hardigree
Matt Hardigree
11 months ago
Reply to  A. Barth

Mon Dieu!

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