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I ‘Afeela’ Like Sony Could Have Come Up With A Better Name: Comment Of The Day


Sometimes a new car comes out and it makes you wonder how the automaker chose the vehicle’s name. Automakers have been causing a stir with such names like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, and the latest Chevrolet Blazer crossover. Other times, automakers just make up a name that doesn’t quite roll off of the tongue well.

Today, our readers have been relentless in their scorn for automaker shenanigans. We published a story on the BMW i Vision Dee Concept and our resident grumpy designer Adrian wrote a follow-up rant begging automakers to just let the 1980s go.

And wowie, both comment sections are full of sizzling hot with your takes. It seems that ’80s nostalgia is everywhere today, from the types of cars that show up to sell tons of money in online auctions, to entire television shows themed in the decade. Of course, then there are the cars that call back to the era.

It seems that a lot of you are just tired of it.

Earlier in the day, we also wrote about the Afeela prototype from Sony Honda Mobility. That car looked plenty posh inside, and the exterior is a change from what we’re used to seeing from Japan, but at this time has a bit of a confusing name. Right now it’s just “Afeela” and there doesn’t appear to be a model name.

Readers took no time with making jokes about the name. For example, reader Boulevard_Yachtsman said “It’s Sony, the top part of the steering wheel is subscription-based. Sony Honda Mobility Afeela. They should’ve went with Sony Honda Inventive Transportation.”

Harsh! I see those subscription jokes, too. But the one that takes COTD today is a comment with just two words from Man With A Reliable Jeep:

Sony Driveman

I’m still laughing at this. I mean, there were Sony Discman devices and Sony Walkman devices, so it works! Never change, readers. You were a savage crowd today and you all made me shed a tear from my eye.

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16 Responses

  1. As some character inevitably says in one the Star Wars movies (slightly paraphrased)….

    “I’ve got a bad AFEELA about this.”

    True story….when Phantom Menace came out, I went with some friends. I had commented before the movie that at some point in all of the original trilogy, someone at some point says “ I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” There were some chuckles.

    The movie starts and that was the first fucking line of dialog. George Lucas lost me right there. And then he changed the original trilogy.

    I can’t watch Star Wars anymore.

    Thanks George.

  2. Call it anything, please just stop using the fucking stupidest buzzword ever ‘mobility’. Whoever coined the term should be kicked in the dick until death.

  3. I appreciate that honorable mention, Mercedes! I did some growing up in the 80’s and still have little to no nostalgic feelings for that decade. Might’ve been due to learning to drive stick shift in an ’84 Chevette. Granted, had Sony and Honda teamed up to produce The Driveman back then, it would’ve been totally tubular, rad, and/or gnarly.

  4. While we’re getting all nostalgic about the 20th century on The Autopian, and for when Sony starts a car-sharing service, I hope they have already copyrighted Sony & Share.

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