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Here’s Everything At The 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon We’re Excited About (So Far)

Tokyo Auto Salon Preview Topshot

The 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon is kicking off on Jan. 13, and it promises to be chock full of cool stuff. Picture a Japanese version of the SEMA show with all the tuner brands you fantasized about during the Hot Import Nights era and you’ve nailed it. While not every company has announced plans for the show, here are the cars coming to Tokyo next month that we know about already.

AutoExe Mazda CX-60

Autoexe Mazda Cx 60

As Mazda moves upmarket, so does tuning house AutoExe. This small, reputable company plans on showing off its kitted-out CX-60 crossover that features a full body kit, lowering springs, a sports exhaust system, and plenty of aftermarket bracing. In case that doesn’t float your boat, AutoExe is also working on a big brake kit and a performance intake. Very nice.

BMW’s Giant Grilles

P90490758 Highres Autosalon 12 2022

Ever the subject of controversy, BMW is rolling into Tokyo Auto Salon with its biggest grilles yet – two massive kidneys mounted to its booth. It’s a giant middle finger to the internet, a physical assertion of identity, and a sign BMW’s moved on from the crowd it lost when the F30 3-Series went to electric power steering. Oh, and BMW’s also showing off a new model in Japan, although it’s still to be seen whether or not it’s a world premiere. You can read a bit more about this booth here.

Honda Sports Accessory Concepts

Sports Accessory Concepts

While “Sports Accessory Concepts” isn’t the most inspired name for a pair of kitted-out vehicles, Honda’s still rolling with it. The Japanese marque plans on making the regular Civic hatchback look a lot more like a Type R with a big wing and skirts, and a ZR-V (the American HR-V) look a bit, um, sportier with a similar treatment. Fingers crossed these modifications make their way to Honda’s American accessory catalog.

Liberty Walk Ferrari F40

Liberty Walk F40 2

Purists, avert your eyes: Liberty Walk is drilling into an actual Ferrari F40. Yes, the overfender firm is soaring to new heights by widening one of the most iconic supercars of the 20th century. While the stanced Miura from last year was a kit car-based replica, this job’s for real. Check out some more renders and Instagram pics of the kit in process here.

Mugen ZR-V

Mugen Zrv

Mind you, Tokyo Auto Salon isn’t just a bunch of modified sports cars. It’s a place for modified regular cars too, and Honda tuner Mugen plans on showing off a customized ZR-V. Known in America as the HR-V, this docile subcompact crossover gets a body kit, turbine-style wheels, and some stripes to become a more distinctive form of transportation. Mugen also plans on showing off an upgraded Civic Type R, but we’ll have to wait to learn more about that.

Nissan Fairlady X

Fairlady X tokyo auto salon

While the Fairlady X is a one-off car from the students at Nissan Automobile Technical College, there’s a whiff of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross going on here. Basically, it’s an old Murano with Z styling traits, which is unfortunate given how vastly different the proportions are between the two cars. There’s certainly a lot of craftsmanship that’s gone into building this thing, but it’s just left me scratching my head wondering why a Murano? It really feels like this was a job better suited for the Skyline Crossover, aka Infiniti EX. Mind you, the Fairlady X won’t be the most outlandish thing Nissan is bringing to Tokyo Auto Salon. That would be a six-wheeled Roox kei car with a built-in piano. Of course, expect a litany of Fairlady Zs, Autech models, and even a modified Cube which went out of production in 2019. Yeah, it’s getting weird.

Subaru Levorg STI Sport #

Subaru Levorg Sti Sport Sharp tokyo auto salon

What’s a show for modified Japanese cars without a few tricked-out Subarus? The Pleiades marque is bringing a few cars to Tokyo Auto Salon, starting with a Levorg that’s received several STI parts. It’s basically a wagon version of the WRX, and a painful reminder that North Americans can’t have nice things. Best of all, the Levorg STI Sport # will be an actual car Japanese customers can buy, not just some one-off showpiece. Also on display will be a modified Impreza, a beefed-up outdoor-focused Crosstrek, a similarly-altered Rex, and a BRZ GTC300 race car. Good stuff.

As the days count down toward Tokyo Auto Salon, I’m sure we’ll see more and more cool stuff announced. Until then, I’d love to know what your favorite expected debut is. Whether your jam is a six-wheeled Nissan Roox or the hot AutoExe CX-60, there’s a whole lot of excellence going on here.

(Photo credits: AutoExe, BMW, Honda, Liberty Walk, Mugen, Nissan, Subaru)

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11 Responses

  1. How does Subaru put out that Levorg, that is devoid of black plastic trim and not think it looks 10,000 times better than the current WRX sold in the US?

    I haven’t seen any new WRXs on the road. I see my local dealer actually has 2 in stock…and actually in stock, like they had time to take pictures of it and everything. Manual transmission, so no “no one wants a CVT WRX” excuse here. Sure seems like the black plastic trim model is a flop.

  2. The Levorg is giving me Honda Crosstour vibes. Maybe it’s the angle of the shot.
    Can’t wait to see the 6-wheeled Kei car.
    The BMW grill says industrial ventilation built into a Quonset hut. I hate where they’re taking it, but I guess I’ll give them credit for leaning in?

  3. Subaru already has a Levorg STI out already, but I think it’s just an appearance package. The one at the show might have the current WRX engine in it. MCM did a comparison of the Levorg STI with their own Levorg after the first engine swap on their MCM TV2 channel a couple months ago.

  4. You have to wonder if the groveL STI has something to do with Marty’s MCM build. I’ve seen other sites looking at it, and watching #mightycarmods building and modifying that thing is pretty interesting. I imagine the show car won’t have a 3L 6 and a 6MT.
    and BTW, David should do a bridge show with MCM as Laurence is clearly a fan!

  5. I’m totally bored with these tuner body kits on crossovers. Bah!

    If I’m going all the way to Japan, I want to see Mitsuoka turn a Mazda crossover into a covered wagon.

  6. The CX60 looks fantastic in person. There is a dark blue one with the white interior near me – stunning.
    Drives nicely too! I had the opportunity to try the hybrid and it was very pleasant. Comfortable and relaxing, exactly how a premium car should be. If you want excitement and fun, there is always the Mazda Roadster.

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