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This Is The (Other) Brand New DeLorean

Dng Model Jzd Topshot

The DeLorean is back again for the second time this year. No, we haven’t fallen into a time loop, there’s another new DeLorean on the way from a DeLorean but not from the DeLorean Motor Company, instead from DeLorean Next Generation Motors, or DNG Motors for short. That’s an incredibly confusing sentence to read, with Abbot and Costello vibes, so let’s break down everything that’s led up to this.

Back in the 1990s, a small company acquired all manner of new old stock bits for DMC DeLorean cars, subsequently finding out that certain DMC trademarks had expired. It swooped in, re-registered those trademarks for its own use, and became the DeLorean Motor Company. [Ed note: Fun fact, the company that they acquired it from was called Consolidated International, aka Big Lots, who themselves bought the stuff from the bankrupt DeLorean Motor Company – MH] Fast forwards two decades, and the new DeLorean Motor Company unveiled a car called the Alpha 5, a four-seat gullwing grand touring EV. However, John Z. DeLorean has living relatives, namely his daughter Kat DeLorean, and the younger DeLorean has plans of her own to continue her father’s legacy.

Dng Model Jzd 1

As such, Kat DeLorean has founded DeLorean Next Generation Motors, or DNG Motors for short. The goal? To produce a stunning two-seat sports car called the Model – JZD. You can probably guess what those three letters stand for. Hopefully that clears things up. In any case, let’s move on to the Model – JZD itself.

Upon first glance, this concept looks terrific. It’s a two-seater with a short dash-to-axle ratio, gullwing doors, and stainless coachwork, exactly what you’d expect a DeLorean to be. The proportions are distinctly mid-engined, like how John Z. DeLorean imagined the original DeLorean would be. Of course, after the first two planned powertrains didn’t work out, the production DMC DeLorean ended up with a rear-mounted PRV V6, but the intent was there. With a reimagination of the iconic grid tail lights, illuminated trim strips, and massive turbine-spoke wheels, the Model – JZD isn’t just the only car I can think of with an en dash in its name, it’s also extremely faithful to the original car.

Dng Model Jzd 2

Details such as propulsion are quite thin, but DeLorean Next Generation Motors expects to unveil a physical car “by the end of the year.” Showing off some renders and then claiming that a proper car will materialize soon is bold stuff, but the timeline doesn’t seem crazy considering how this car isn’t exactly new. These renders have been floating around for almost two years, the work of Angel Guerra and Allan Portilho imagining a modern DeLorean. Even if you don’t know who Angel Guerra is, you might have seen Guerra’s work on the Rimac Concept 2. While there have been some minor tweaks such as tail lights and trim since the first renders surfaced, it’s still fundamentally the same as it was in December of 2020.

Dng Model Jzd 3

Perhaps an even more impressive claim is that production is expected to start in Detroit in January of 2023. That’s only about three months away if we’re going by the letter of the statement and assuming end-of-month. If the team at DNG Motors pulls this off, it will be one of the most impressive automotive launches of the 21st century. Let’s see how things go.

All photos courtesy of DNG Motors

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41 Responses

    1. Dammit. Kinja’ed. Was supposed to “Model -long dramatic pause- JZD” but apparently this commenting system deleted anything in-between <> and I still can’t fucking edit posts.

  1. Yeah, I know this could be end up being vaporware too, but so far looks a million times more like a “real” DeLorean.

    The wheels alone (totally agree with Reliable Jeep here) make it compared to the other DeLorean, and WOW that profile.

    And I can’t quite tell, but does the front grill say “DNG”?

    I hope so, as the other’s “DELOREAN” has been subtly putting me off.

  2. Not that I would get my hopes up of this actually materializing but in the event that it does, it is way more appealing than the new Alpha 5 electric car. Better looking, pays a little homage to the original but with updated styling. Would love to hear some potential goal specs on it.

        1. Yeah I thought it was just because I’m an obnoxious little shit-stirrer. I mean, I’m still gonna try to do better, but I’m glad to hear that maybe I’m not being specifically side-eyed by the site owners.

  3. I suffer from hypercar burnout, esp when the odds of them being vaporware are extremely high. You’ve seen one massively capable, sexily styled automobile… you’ve seen them all.

    1. Glad to hear it is not just me. I was afraid I was getting old, but not even supercars do anything for me as of late. It doesn’t help that some of them look like they were penned by Rob Liefeld on crack.
      Not the case with this one, but meh… Good luck to the playboy/girl (play person) that gets one.

  4. This reminds me more of supercars from the early ‘70s where they looked different and dared to dream—rolling fantasies unbeholden to the past (though this does evoke the original, it’s not retro). Now, most just look like an old Group C racer form covered with some uninspiring variation of swoopy features displaying a “corporate identity”, bizarre detailing that looks it came from an escaped carnival sideshow exhibit, or a lazy pastiche of old styling cues that don’t fit the modern form.

  5. I’ll be surprised if this gets built, and I’ll eat my own lips if it gets built by January, but it looks gorgeous and like a fitting tribute to the original. I hope it does come to pass.

  6. This design is a home run, absolutely love it.

    I don’t have any idea how there are going to be two Deloreans at once, and how confused the buying public will become because of this, but the choice of which one you’d rather have come to market is obvious.

  7. With this one my brain can draw a line from the original. Very good looking. If we’re taking sides I’m going with Team Kat. JZD is a cute name but my first reaction was Jazzed.

  8. If the other DeLorean bought the assets from the original anything similar in the DNG would probably be infringement as well as needing new equipment to build it. Either way laaaaaaawsuuuuuuuit gonna keep this beeatch from happening.

  9. Is it just me or does the front end look a bit long for a mid-engine layout?

    What all that frunk room gonna be used for?

    Where’s the daydreaming designers notes on this?

  10. Oh, I see. The other DeLorean was from the alternate timeline, where Biff stole the almanac. This one is after Doc and Marty went back and fixed things. What a relief.

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